Technology is a fundamental component of providing timely, efficient and responsive primary healthcare services. In recognition of the inevitably expanding role of technology in healthcare, SCS has sought to acquire and partner with businesses to deliver innovative technology solutions that enhance the care patients receive.

Precedence Health Care is a technology provider that has been assisting health practitioners improve outcomes for patients with chronic disease for over 10 years. Its core platform, cdmNet, assists general practice, allied healthcare providers and patients to better manage chronic conditions and other illnesses. Using cdmNet, any member of a patient’s care team can access and update the patient’s health record and care plan, resulting in better communication, follow up and coordination of care.

Precedence’s technology has been the foundation platform for innovative ‘coordinated care’ programs being delivered by major private health insurers, aged care providers and by SCS itself, through its WellNet programs.  In addition, Precedence has launched Meditracker, a breakthrough smartphone app which enables patients to securely access a live version of their GP patient record from their mobile phone.

SmartHealth is an innovative provider of direct-to-consumer pathology screening services for patients. Originally offering direct access testing for STI/STD, the SmartHealth platform now offers a range of screenings that can be requested by health practitioners for their patients; pharmacists for their clients;  and athletic bodies for sports performance testing. All patients can have their pathology samples taken at one of over 1,450 Sonic Healthcare collection centres nationwide, with the results confidentially delivered to the patient via secure electronic means.

We will continue to invest in innovative technologies that serve to improve patient care and the experience and/or service that patients receive when obtaining primary healthcare services.