Practice Consulting Services

Practice owners understand the complex and time-consuming demands of managing incentive income streams. Despite attempts to reduce red-tape, most GPs will agree, ensuring your practice attracts all possible incentive income, whilst maintaining compliance, can be a logistical and laborious nightmare.

Practice Consultancy Services (PCS) offers solutions! From a simple Practice Incentive Health Check, to an in-depth Incentive Care Plan, the PCS Team will get you on the right track.

Practice Incentive Health Check

A succinct and time-efficient review of practice claiming including audit risk profiling. A simple and systematic way to find out if your practice is maximising its potential.

Practice Incentive Care Planning

This care plan will get your practice in shape in no time! With income limitations and risks identified, the PCS team will provide specific actions to help increase, maintain and manage Practice Incentives.

The PCS Collaborative

Consulting with PCS isn’t just about a single service. The PCS Team can keep you up to date with the latest incentive news and provide management prompts via our quarterly ‘Collaborative Chronicles’.

Education – Understanding PIP and PNIP

Tailoring education sessions to audiences of all sizes, PCS demystifies the PIP and PNIP programs. In an acronym free zone, the methodology behind practice calculations, and details of the individual programs are explained. Participants can expect to leave these sessions with a wealth of practical information and a new insight into PIP/PNIP.

Time to breakdown the challenge of Practice Incentives? Contact us.