Sonic Clinical Services has developed a comprehensive integrated care program that bring together internal and external expertise to offer targeted programs for patients. Designed with the provider in mind, and the patient at the centre of the care journey, these programs offer a unique cost-effective patient focussed approach to delivering health care.

Our approach to integrated care solutions include hospital avoidance, readmissions management, hospital in the home, chronic disease management, after hours care as well as GP practice led care.

Key features of our integrated care solutions include:

Targeted care through patient identification and enrolment:  A defined process for patient identification, risk stratification and program allocation ensures that patients receive care that is targeted to their needs.  Formal enrolment of the patient into a program ensures that the patient and the health care team form a commitment to implementing the care plan and achieve the agreed goals.

GP led team-based care: The patient’s usual GP is the nominated lead for the patient’s health care team.  The GP has the clinical expertise to lead the formulation of the care plan, oversee the organization of the other members of the care team and hold accountability for the ongoing management of the patient. 

Coordinated care through shared care planning:  Efficient coordination of services across primary, acute and allied settings is achieved through shared care planning. The care team agrees on a coordinated plan of action guided by the patient’s care plan and care coordinator.

Multi-channel care providing enhanced access:  Care can be delivered in general practice clinics, in the home, over the phone and online. After hours support is incorporated into the programs.

Shared information and data collection:  Management of the patient by the care team is recorded centrally on one electronic health record, accessible to the whole care team and the patient.  This enables data capture to inform outcomes, performance and quality improvement.

Quality care and continuous quality improvement:  Evidence base underlies the development of the care plans and interventions.  The HCH strives for continuous quality improvement through data collection and sharing and evaluation of the programs.


WellNet is a comprehensive set of integrated care programs, powered by our network of GPs.  WellNet’s integrated care programs provide timely, GP-lead healthcare interventions, designed to provide the patient with the best possible outcomes.

WellNet has been designed to meet the needs of individuals, funders, clinicians and care-providers. WellNet utilises all parts of the health system and ensures that the patient is at the centre of the care continuum.

Our goal is to deliver an integrated and collaborative solution providing the right care, at the right time and at the right place.

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