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Digital products that support patient health 

Precedence Healthcare is a technology company that develops and delivers software to healthcare providers and patients.

We provide digital products that are simple and accessible, with the goal of improving patient outcomes by developing solutions for health care practitioners that focus on the end to end management of complex health needs.

Technology that puts patients first

Our digital products connect patients and healthcare teams to help prevent and manage health issues.

Precedence Healthcare’s products include:

  • Inca: an integrated care platform that connects patients and their care teams for sharing health records and creating care plans. Inca is used by more than 67,000 allied healthcare professionals and specialists.
  • MediTracker: an app that enables patients to track their medical information It connects to a patient’s GP medical summary, as held in their general practice, and can be linked to other health apps like Google Fit and Apple Health.
  • Lime: providing education, personalised coaching and support to those living with Type 2 Diabetes. 

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