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Providing after hours medical care on behalf of General Practitioners for nearly half a century

Founded in 1969 as the Australian Locum Medical Service (ALMS), DoctorDoctor has been providing medical deputising services for General Practitioners for nearly half a century.

DoctorDoctor, was established as the first service of its kind in Melbourne and Perth and also facilitates access to after-hours healthcare in Brisbane and Sydney as well, providing after hours primary care for the patients of more than 2,000 GPs.

In 2016, we changed our name to DoctorDoctor to better reflect that the best medical care results from a coordinated and collaborative relationship built on trust between the after-hours doctor, the GP and the patient. We believe that the essence of exceptional connected medical care is effective communication and collaboration, and that the best patient outcomes come through relationships supported by technology. DoctorDoctor provides access to bulk billed in home after hours medical care for unexpected illness and connects patients who do not have a regular GP to daytime general practice for their ongoing continuity of care.

We believe that the best place to receive medical care is through a regular GP. However, when a GP is not available, our qualified and experienced call centre staff will triage calls and provide access to the most appropriate after-hours service to meet patient needs.