Providing patients with after-hours medical care

DoctorDoctor is an out-of-hours GP service for patients who experience an unexpected illness and their regular GP is unavailable. Consultations are provided over the phone or in the patient’s home. The consultation fee is bulk billed.

The service is available to patients in Melbourne.

Patients who do not have a regular GP can also be connected to a general practice for their ongoing continuity of care.

We evolved to fill a gap in medical services

Our service was established as the first-of-its-kind in 1969. We were originally called Australian Locum Medical Service, changing our name in 2016 to better reflect that the best medical care results from a coordinated and collaborative relationship built on trust between the after hours doctor, the GP and the patient.

Working with Doctors

DoctorDoctor is also able to support remote, rural and regional GPs through innovative services aimed at maintaining access, whilst reducing clinical workforce fatigue.

DoctorDoctor partners rather than competes with GPs to deliver better connected after hours healthcare for patients and their families and believes in strengthening General Practice, not eroding it. We have the experience, personnel and technology to guarantee exceptional quality medical deputising services to you and your patients.

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