About Us

Sonic Clinical Services (SCS) was formed in 2015 as a parent company of nine subsidiaries that have been providing high-quality primary healthcare services, facilities and infrastructure across Australia for over 20 years.  Our ethical, collaborative and innovative approach to patient care and business partnerships, has resulted in SCS’s rapid growth into a diversified and integrated healthcare business.

Our business origins date to Foundation Healthcare, an ASX listed company that comprised of over 70 general practice clinics formed through amalgamation and acquisition in the late 1990s. In 2003, the business was rebranded as Independent Practitioner Network, and today, through continuing acquisitions and Greenfield centres, the IPN Medical Centres general practice network encompasses over 170 clinics and provides services to over 1,800 independent doctors.

The group entered the occupational health market through the acquisition of Gemini Medical in 2007 and then Prime Health in 2010.  The merged national occupational health business, now trading as Sonic HealthPlus, acquired Medibank’s Workplace Health business in 2015, and is now Australia’s leading provider of corporate and occupational healthcare services. 

In the last decade, we have expanded  our healthcare businesses to include Australian Skin Cancer Clinics, DoctorDoctor, Sonic Nurse Connect, Lifescreen, Precedence, SmartHealth and Sonic Clinical Trials all form part of our network.  The result is an experienced, dynamic provider capable of delivering innovative and integrated healthcare services and solutions for patients, doctors and partners.

Sonic Clinical Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sonic Healthcare Limited (Sonic), one of Australia’s leading healthcare companies. Sonic is a supporter and facilitator of the development and diversification of SCS, through both strategic and financial direction. We are proud to be a key division of the wider Sonic HealthCare business and to contribute to the better health outcomes of all Australians.